Thursday 12 July 2012


How typical of my personality to find myself sneaking back over to my lovely little original blog and having a mournful "those were the days" sort of look around. It's all changed!! I feel like one of those parents who take their children back to where they used to live and the little house has turned into a block of flats, or been raised to the ground, or the sweet shop is now a phone shop, or whatever, you get the picture. I haven't written a post on here for two years. I suspect it's defunct. Grown hairs all over it (like it's owner). But I miss it. Because it was simple and honest and fun. Over at my other blog I've got a bit stuck. Because it's become a little bit of a monster - in a bite the hand that writes sort of way. Only because all the wrong people now read it regularly and if that isn't enough to put a stop to any sort of freedom of speech then I don't know what it. But over here? I wonder if I popped back from time to time and wrote a sneaky little post I'd get away with it. Probably not. Not anymore.

 My ex husband must be coming up to his two year wedding anniversary to Builder Bloke's wife. Still stressy and complicated but the kids are all growing up fast so it gets easier in that way. Builder Bloke and I got back together for a while and then split up again for a while and now.... Not really sure what's going on. It's still a bloody rollercoaster, that's for sure. Right, that's enough. Going back to my big grown up blog again now. You're not supposed to look back are regrets and all that. But still. Felt good to be here. Maybe I'll be back again soon.

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