Monday 14 June 2010


In the end I had no choice. On his birthday, three months after I'd stopped seeing him he literally nearly ran me over as I crossed at the lights and when I stopped to talk to him, my heart stopped with me.

All the pain and mess and rubbish that we've had to deal with and yet, there was still an undeniable pull. Neither of us unable to let go of. Slowly, slowly we began to assess the damage. Look to the future.

Could we handle the situation? Our Ex's getting married next month? Was it too embarrassing to find ourselves inadvertently part of a wife swap? Did we really care? How could we manage the children?

Anyway. It's now been a few months of just pure love and happiness and passion. It's unlikely to last at that level. We'll both be dead within the year. Will need to calm down. Will need to stop eating and drinking!

I have got my "BBBBB" - Builder Bloke Beer Belly Back which he loves. I spend months trying to lose it and the minute he is back he spends weeks encouraging it back. He loves all that girly squishy belly skin - says it's the new look = Britney, Christina - it's all the rage. In fact he says it's the sign of motherhood and we should all be proud of it. Well. It makes me feel better about it anyway.


Pam said...

when a man loves you, squishy bits and all, he's a keeper. i can see how that can be tough. i know i was extremely upset when my ex got back with his first ex wife 10 mos into our separation. he's no longer with her, and i wish he was! lol she's good to my kids and never plays games with people. now he's got this gf that he had a baby with almost 3 yrs ago. i'm not a fan. what can you do? even though things are a little strange in your situation, i think that you and builder bloke have a lot going for you two and if it's survived everything so far, i think it will survive anything after :o)

private boarding school said...

You will never know unless you try! Good luck!

family affairs said...

Thanks - yes I agree, we've been through so much already that perhaps we can get through anything Lx

Suburbia said...

I have that too, cultivated by eating and drinking with my lover, it has something to do with contentment!


Glad you're happy

Spiny Marshmallow said...

I think this all sounds jolly fine. You guys have been thru a lot and once all the pain of the exes dies down it will be on an even keel I imagine. We all get very confusing feelings about the very people we want to dump the moment they find someone else. He WAS prepared to drive halfway across the planet to pick you up in Dubai wasnt he?

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Dear Lulu, I know I'm terribly late catching up, but of course I'm delighted for you both. Wonderful. Now I'm going to hotfoot over to your other family affairs place to see what's new. Love M xxx

Maggie May said...

There's hope for me yet then with the squishy *beer* belly that I'm trying to lose so badly.
Glad things are working out for you and good to hear from you again. Yes.... I suppose we are dinosaurs!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

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